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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
You quoted me kinda out of context here. I was talking at this point specifically about the belief among many gun owners that their firearms prevent the government from becoming tyrranical. I was pointing out that as a matter of tactical advantage this is fantasy. No matter how many AR-15`s people have, they are no match for drones, stealth fighter or chemical weapons, not to mention tactical nuclear wepons. Our guns don`t mean jack shit to the government if push came to shove. You bring up another point entirely and that is an entirely different argument.
oh sorry i misunderstood ya. yea that is a joke. our drones could take out the entire country easy. heres an odd fact for ya. many people think drones are inacurate and hard to control but there was a kid who used an RC plane and mounted a paintball gun (this kid is genius btw) put a camera and he had a ton of targets and then had his friends run and was able to hit everyone. pretty dang scary.
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