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Originally Posted by KIRKRIDER View Post
If you like carving why ride duck? Try bot pos angles..I use +21 + 18 for pure carve, +18 + 12 / +15, +9 for mid and pow days.
That should help you on the heelside... there is a reason why hardbooters ride with very steep positive angles...

I used to have tremendous heelside chatter problems. Recently the problem has improved a lot to the point of almost non-existent ...... but maybe I just have not tried it in even steeper and icier terrains yet. I am trying hard to analyse and single out the most important factor which helped me. But until I am more certain what's has helped me, I don't want to make false suggestions here. I really wish I could nail it down scientifically (and even give a p-value to it, just kidding) to explain what contributed.

But anyway for the time being ...... I declare I am not an experienced rider at all. Are those boot angles above for alpine borders or are they usable on our typical snowboards? (Suppose we really just want to go out and carve and that's it.)

I have always wanted to know, do alpine borders (hard boot) ever complain about heelside chatters?

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