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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
No matter how many AR-15`s people have, they are no match for drones, stealth fighter or chemical weapons, not to mention tactical nuclear wepons. Our guns don`t mean jack shit to the government if push came to shove. You bring up another point entirely and that is an entirely different argument.
to be fair this is not a valid point.

we do not know what would happen in a true civil war or a widespread rebellion intent on overthrowing the government.

- for one, very large percentages of our military would side with the people. the government is widely unliked.

- if the US government started to use overwhelming force against its civilians pretty much the entire world community would be jizzing all over itself to create a coalition to destroy the us government. most countries - even our political allies would jump at the chance to be on the right side of history of an american revolution.

- maybe no the best example but look at syria - yea they're using planes and helis to decimate the population, and they kill hundreds of people - but the rebels are winning the war. they're winning because foreign countries are getting arms to them, more and more military is defecting, and Assad knows that if he uses chemical weapons then that will be the day he feels the full might of western and israeli military power and game over.

now, i'm not sitting at home trying to plan some kind of uprising here but if i really stop and think about it this is what i think.
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