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Originally Posted by jjz View Post
just to clarify the doctor i went to wasnt a regular MD, he was a some sort of specialist. I was able to get this without an appt cus hes a friend of my dads friend (IM 15).

Thanks for all the recommendation, i remember him saying something before a test saying he was testing for impingment and he really seemed pretty knowleagable, did a bunch of tests.

7 cm has fallen already but the snow stopped, If it gets groomed over (likely) ill wait till the weeekend to go up.

Thanks for all the help guys, i apreciate it.
Ah good to know you are being smart about it at your age.
I was the type to "walk things off" and push through it as a teenager and still have shit that haunts me from then. I don't advise it.

Originally Posted by jml22 View Post
Orthopedic surgeon missed my AC sprain and he was the shoulder guy to goto in the country.
He cut me up without trying any type of conservative care and completely missed my AC sprain. Pretty f'ing easy thing to mix.
Trust no one, get second opinions when possible, but do not tell them what the previous person says til after. Previous opinions will always skew the new person's opinion, best not to chance it.

Ice is always good for acute things, Out with the bad in with the good.

Yeah but when i mean physiological changes i mean an increase/decrease in blood flow and how the cells are working. Most transdermals are for pain.
That sucks; sorry to hear it. Whenever I hear some specialist is the "go-to" person, red flags go up.

And you'll most often never get conservative or alternative methods from a surgeon. They are trained to cut. That's what they know, that's what they do.

Very good advice to get second (or more) opinions.

Not to belabor the point about transdermals, but just to clarify: I was referencing them in general: patches for nicotine, birth control, hormones, pain management, etc, etc. The skin absorbs such things, they enter the bloodstream and have affects on physiological function that way. It's why bathing in bleach is a bad idea. It goes beyond the skin.

Topicals like even crappy icy hot do actually affect an increase in circulation, which is why the warming/cooling sensation happens - dilation of the skin's capillaries in response to a substance such as menthol or camphor oil.
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