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Originally Posted by cjcameron11 View Post
No i understand that it is semi automatic. What I'm saying is if you have a hunting rifle with a 5 round clip compared to a guy with an AR with a 20 round clip then there is no human way you get off 20 rounds as fast as him.

Plus bolt action hunting rifles are not just a point and shoot you obviously take your eye off the sight to chamber another round. an "Assault" rifle you just point and keep shooting.
My semi-auto 30-06 has a 10 round capacity, and I can buy an extended mag that holds 20 rounds. This thing is designed to drop a buck at 50+ yards and will spit bullets as fast as I can pull the trigger.

There is no "feel good" legislation that is going to do anything to stop nuts from being nuts. We had a law regulating magazine capacities (Brady bill) that didn't do squat.

I'll say it again, this is a social issue that can not be regulated away. Until the U.S. realizes this, we will continue to have these kind of problems. As a society we need to focus on parenting, education, mental health, and creating opportunities for people to make a stable life for themselves and their families. When you have large groups that are unstable, depressed, or plain 'ol bat shit crazy that have no focus, no real reason to go on, it's inevitable that a percent of those are going to snap. Limiting the number of bullets that can be fired without re-load (think DC sniper) or the type of gun those bullets are fired out of, will do nothing to stop this.

In the analogy above he used illegal drugs as an example, and that wasn't good enough...well here's one. How long do you think it would take me to purchase an illegal firearm? About an hour. Snowolf touched on it a few pages ago, we do need to regulate the sales of all firearms. The private sale of guns in this country is out of control, if I can't buy a gun in a shop from a dealer, all I have to do is go to a gun show and buy from a private party, no forms, no questions, no background check, nothing, count my cash and out the door I go with whatever. To me that's way more of a problem then what a rifle looks like or how many shots I can get off before reloading.

You saying you know more about America then someone who was born and raised here is stupid. You know what you read in the papers, see on the news, or read on the internet. So you've visited here? Big deal, you saw one small cross section of the U.S. and from your description you must have been hanging out with some thug life wanna-be's, other then my former profession I have never had a gun pulled on me in 43 years of living here. Someone who grows up in NYC is going to have a different view of America then someone who grows up in the mid west.

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