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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
Someone is seriously upset I told them the solution to their mediocre life was killing themselves. Don't get so bent over the fact you suck as a writer, your presentation of the sale of your product sucks, you're marketing tactic offers nothing to anyone, and all in all you're jealous of those that have done more in their 30 years because they didn't have to travel off to find themselves and leave some shit legacy behind.

And yes I don't have time to read your crap because I'm too busy writing crap for the couple million people that read what I write yearly.

As mentioned it sucks to suck chief. Keep crying over the fact no one here cares about you.
Lol I have no beef about what anyone here thinks of me, it's all good! And I'm impressed by the numbers who read your stuff but then if you have nearly 7,500 posts of mindless drivel on this site and god knows how many of other sites its no wonder they are so high. Is that the sort of stuff you think about when you're home alone with a box of tissues?

Your appraisal of my life as mediocre life makes me laugh given that I have most likely seen and done more things in my 32 years than you will do sitting down in that dark basement with two or more computer screens downloading as much porn as possible and feeling awesome about slating and judging other people because you're so embarrassed by your own pathetic situation. I feel bad for you dude, feeling so superior about yourself when you most likely have never even left your country, probably even your state. There's a big world out there - turn off the computer, chill the f*ck out and go and see some of it!
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