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Originally Posted by ChaletBoy1980 View Post
Lol I have no beef about what anyone here thinks of me, it's all good!
if that was true, you'd have stopped posting like yesterday.

Originally Posted by ChaletBoy1980 View Post
Your appraisal of my life as mediocre life makes me laugh given that I have most likely seen and done more things in my 32 years than you will do sitting down in that dark basement with two or more computer screens downloading as much porn as possible
jesus did you blatantly plagiarize that from some other forum? The "you're a retard who lives in your parents basement and beats off all day" insult is just tired. Can you try a little harder?

Seriously, if you can't do better than I sure as hell ain't reading your book and no one else should either. And this is coming from someone who volunteers their time working at an indie publishing house. I help produce audio books in my spare time to help people like you and I am not impressed.

Even if BA is some loser doing nothing but whacking off to donkey porn (like there's something wrong with that?) his posts are infinitely more enjoyable to read then yours.

News flash if you haven't found yourself in the first 25 years of your life you won't find it later on you're a lost cause and should suck on the end of a shotgun. Although in the UK that's probably a bit harder than here in the states so maybe fall off the roof of your flat onto a pile of broken glass.
^^^^ can't be said enough!

and thanks for the entertainment. I really don't want to be at work today but this is helping. and oh yeah, I get royalties on books I've 'donated' my time to...can I start pasting links in here? I mean I really need that fitty

if a cat fucked a shark, the babies would be called women. snowklinger

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