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Originally Posted by ChaletBoy1980 View Post
I literally don't even know what that means. And proud of it.

As I've said, read the book, don't read the book - I'm really not fussed. What worries me more is the level of ferocity and anger you lot feel towards something so very little! At the end of the day I'm a grown man who can very easily brush this sort of thing off from people very happy to hide behind computer screens laughing at their own insults and giving themselves a hearty pat on the back for every new one they come up with as their ego is boosted by their soaring post rate.

I received a PM from a 12 year old kid yesterday who had been on the receiving end of a similar pack-like written assault merely for starting a new thread about a new pair of goggles he had gotten and wanted to share how stoked he was with like-minded people! He got well and truly slated for it and I'm guessing that none of the idiots that took part even once thought about how old he might be or how those comments might affect someone of that age. Isn't the point of forums exactly that, for folk like him to come on and chat about his passion with those who share it rather than having to fend off people like you guys who for some reason take such extreme offence to a post about a pair of goggles?

The thing that got me the most about the PM, though, was that the kid was asking me to stick around and contribute to the board in the future. He, a 12 year old boy who you had all rounded on, was mature enough to see past all that and still maintained that people, for the most part on here, are nice. I'm sure I'll get some filth-laden response which, once again, showcases the socio-economic level of some of the folk we are dealing with on here but hopefully it might encourage some of you to relax a little bit... If the mods or admin are reading this - maybe its time to have a word before the site ends up on the news as another story of some poor little kid getting driven to doing something drastic over comments made by some self-righteous, small-dicked prick like BA!
It's crazy... all that typing and you still haven't come up with a single sentence with any merit.

Let's get this straight:

*You "don't care at all" what anyone thinks, yet you now have more than a dozen posts over several days endlessly replying to every post in this thread and begging for attention and approval from strangers.

*You've decided that because no one appreciates you spamming this forum or your awful ebook that everyone else is in the wrong.

*You think everyone who doesn't praise your horrendous writing is a cyberbully who will just write another "filth-laden post", yet in the same post you call someone a "small-dicked prick" and insinuate that a 12-year old child is going to do something violent all because a thread about goggles didn't go the way he wanted...

You have a pretty warped view of reality, which is why I assume you thought your poorly written book with the worthless premise was worth mentioning at all. Either way, keep going. Your bullshit righteous indignation is fun to watch.
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