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Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post wanted a reason to not ban certain types of firearms? Here's the main one(besides it not doing anything to stop these things)
And you KNOW that it wont stop anything how? Or is it just your educated opinion?

Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
We have armed bands of kooks running around this country who WILL resist. They are hard right fanatics that will fight for their perceived rights. It maybe a bloodbath but how many police officers do we sacrifice for a law that won't do anything? Do you really think that the militia types are just going to hand over their hardware? What about the violent street gangs that control large parts of our inner cities? How many innocents do you think will get caught in the crossfire? How many law abiding citizens will try to keep what they have, thus becoming criminals by default?
Do you really think the government would door knock at everyones house and ask them to turn in their weapons? I know here the law was changed and then the public were given 18months to hand in all the weapons they banned. Hardly a blood bath mate. When the 18 months were up i honestly don't know what happened and if they pursued people they knew had guns that weren't turned in, BUT i do know that no one was killed because of it.

Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
I know you don't like any analogies, but let's look at the war on drugs. It's a complete failure, it has ruined countless lives, cost billions, is responsible for millions being jailed to the point of overcrowding so they let real criminals out early to make more room for drug offenders. Now what is a war on assault rifles going to do? If we treated drug addiction as a social problem, and focused more on rehabilitation it would solve a lot more of the problems then this silly "war"
Sooooo are you also saying make drugs legal? Another issue and a whole other argument. I also find it funny that you grade "real criminals" based on what they do. The FACT is that a criminal is someone who breaks the law (and in turn is prosecuted).

So what kind of criminals are you talking about? Cos i know the drug runners and cartels that kill in excess of 50000 people very year are just taking up room in our jails everywhere. While real criminals are let out.

Ohh and i agree, treat drug addiction as a social problem, but treat those who sell as the same as those who kill, cos effectively thats what they do. NOW BACK TO GUNS!! WOOHOO

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