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Originally Posted by Whoracle View Post
Obviously you can't just "brush it off" and continue on with your life or you would not be posting here, trying your hardest to get the last word. You talk about people casting insults from behind computer screens, but are you not doing that very same thing in retaliation?
As for the twelve year old, how is that our responsibility? Most forums say that you have to be a minimum to sign up, however i am not sure about this one. If I recall correctly, i would'nt be surprised if he was the one who got the 600$ HUD goggles.
So, to recap: You come on here to get free advertising for something you are selling, people call you out because you are a wanker, you insult them back while calling them juvenile because they are "hiding" behind their computers when you are doing the same thing.
PS: I was "bullied" as a kid, but i got over it. If a teenager decides to commit suicide/go on a killing spree, then that is on them and NO ONE ELSE, so don't even go there.
How is it not your responsibility to censor what you say to someone who hasn't even reached his teens yet? Over a post about some goggles? As someone who has apparently suffered from bullying (not sure what form yours took since it was in speech marks) surely you can understand how irrational and unnecessary it is?

In regards to hiding behind a computer screen, I would gladly meet up with anyone on here to discuss it face to face. Maybe somewhere half way but then I reckon most those posting this crap won't have passports...
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