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Wtf? Now you're insulting the socio-economic level of the people on this forum?

That's a load of crap.

I don't know what marketing school you went to, but you're out of touch if you seriously think this is how you market an ebook online.

1) You post on a forum using your first post to sell when any first year marketer knows it's about all relationship building before the sale.

2) You get offended and start using a me vs. you stance when people call you out for spamming (which you were since it was your first post).

3) You get into a flame war with someone who runs one of the biggest independent snowboard blogs online that currently gets 1-2 million visits per year.

Not to mention you somehow think calling him a loser who sits in front of a computer all day is a good insult? Wtf, he runs a snowboard blog, that doesn't even make sense.

4) You start insulting the forum for not having the right socio-economic level.

Not that someone's income matters, but who do you think is going to be searching for ebooks about ski bums getting up to stupid shenanigans? People with 5 million dollar houses?

You just alienated the biggest portion of your audience.

Quit now before you make it worse.
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