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Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
Oh brother!! First you brag about getting a free education for bouncing a ball around, then you say our education system sucks?
I didn't say it sucks, i said it leaves a lot to be desired, in fact it's ranked 17 of the 20 "developed countries" in the Education reports yearly. How many students there learn about anything other than the US? answer, very few.

Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
You have no clue what its like to grow up in a ghetto, cold and starving, with no way out, no opportunities.
Do you? I thought you grew up on a farm? with rattlesnakes and shit.

Originally Posted by JeffreyCH View Post
You have no idea what its like to be indoctrinated into a militant hate group in the backwoods of the south.You have no idea what its like to watch your 20/hr job go to China and being forced to figure out how to raise a family on min. wage.
Again do you? Props to you if thats the case but don't assume because you've struggled at some point in your life that you are any more "life experienced" than other people.

SOOOO to sum it up;

Yep you're right i have no idea what its like to grow up in a ghetto, or to be introduced into a militant hate group or any of that other shit. I guess that makes me....what? what does that make me? ignorant maybe? (certainly not as ignorant as some) or maybe just lucky enough to have not experienced that upbringing.

First off i never bragged about shit (especially my "free" education in which i worked on a tighter schedule, longer hours, road trips, practice, etc etc while still graduating on time) so put your glasses on and read again. Apparently you know everything as well with the exception of the word "Hypocrite".

It doesn't bother me one bit that we disagree, it also doesn't bother me that you are undoubtedly obtuse in regards to the proposed gun law reforms. What does bother me is that you cant seem to get through your head that even if you don't kill people with assault rifles/semi auto rifles etc etc that other maniacs do. Laws are not made to protect people from law abiding citizens, they are made to further protect people from those who have no regards to others safety and right to live without fear of school massacres or alike.

Apparently you don't give a shit if this happens again because if you truly did you would do everything in your power to help prevent this without just stating as you have about banning CERTAIN guns "it just wont work". Wake up to yourself and pull your head in. Real change starts with ignorant people losing the attitude of "it just wont work".

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