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Originally Posted by timmytard View Post
I normally only buy new boards, unless they are stupid cheap. The Slackcountry was basically brand new, it didn't have a scratch.

I mean really high rollin', I've already gone through about 6 or 7 boards & this will be my 4th pair of boots.
Were just under a month in & I got 4 maybe 5 more to go.
I just don't like forkin' out large anymore, I'd rather @ least make a little to try tonnes of new gear.

It's as much of a hassle, as it is to go buy a new board. Probably less, I don't do as much research.
Like I've said in previous post, I went through the same phase you went through... it was only a few season ago that I had a rotating selection of 7-8 boards. It got to the point that I was trying out a new board every week and I was spending more time "gathering gear" than I was snowboarding.

So for boots... why are you going through so many? You just want to try out more stuff? Or you haven't found a pair you liked? Or the type you like aren't very durable?
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