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This is the reply I received from the GM of Shames yesterday.

Interesting eh?

1. Doesn't address the bragging, lack of professionalism, or general lack of ability to relate to an adult.

2. Is it just me or is the tone a little off for a reply to a customer service issue?

3. Based on what I can find online the AASI stopped teaching the pendulum or falling leaf after 2009. I can't find anything online specifically about this issue related to the CASI. Anybody have an idea?

4. Is it just me, of did this guy just accuse me of crank calling this instructor? Really? Obviously I'm not the only one who wasn't impressed with him, but to accuse me in response to my complaint? Are you fucking kidding me?

Oh and I'm supposed to believe this guy watched me out the window or even remembers who the fuck I am? Kind of gotta call bullshit there too.

Anyway, the reply starts here:

Thank you for your feedback about your lesson with Kris on opening day. Both positive and negative comments are important to us. Having been an instructor myself for over a decade before moving into management, I understand the department very well. Snowboarding is not an easy sport to learn. From my extensive experience, it typically takes three lessons before someone gets the hang of things.

The first lesson you learn the basics about the board and learn to sideslip on one edge going towards the left or the right (pendulum or falling leaf). This is not only still taught, but an essential skill to master. Side slipping left and right still gets me out of some sticky situations.

The second lesson, is where you learn the same skills on your opposite edge.

The third lesson, is when you link both skills into turns; switching from one edge to the other.

If you come back to the mountain, Oliver Riberdy, our ski school director (CASI Level 4 who certifies other instructors) will gladly go through the CASI manual with you to assure you that Kris followed the regular and normal procedures.

I watched your lesson from the cafeteria window and was very impressed with your progress. Kris your instructor was also impressed, after the lesson he told me he couldn't believe how fast you had progressed. In my opinion you basically progressed more then 3 lessons worth in two hours. It is very rare that a student graduates to the chairlift in their first lesson.

Kris has also recieved a number of compliments in the last few days; one even asking me to give him a raise because of how great he was with the man's child.

With that said, I do recognize that you are un-happy, and will gladly give you another lesson. Either myself, or Oliver will give you the lesson to ensure you have the choice in the two most experienced instructors on the mountain. Please contact me directly to confirm details.

On a diferent note, my instructor tells me he recieved a blocked txt to landline message Dec. 26th after midnight. He said the message was very rude, talked about his instructing and threatened his job. I truely hope this was not you. Kris has a wife and kids, that kind of thing in the middle of the night is uncalled for.
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