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Cool Sizing help for Burton feel good

I currently have a Burton Feather 139. I am looking for something more advanced and know that I want the burton feelgood. I am 5'1'', 90lbs, shoe size 7, a female, and 20 years old. I found someone with a Burton feelgood Smalls 141, but somehow it was shorter than my 139 that i currently have. I was a little confused and called burton to ask and they said that the measurement was taken from a different starting point and that it would be a perfect board regardless of it being short (and when i say short, i mean slightly lower than my shoulders).

I don't do park at all (i know the feelgood is more of a park board) but I am getting it anyways. I ride mostly groomed trails at resorts. I was just wondering if anyone happened to know or have an opinion as to whether I should get the feelgood 141 even though it's pretty short, or if i should go for the adult version and get the 144. I've read in a bunch of places that a shorter board is more for park and turning quicker and a longer board is more for freeride and cruising and going fast but is harder to turn. i have slight knee problems and so i want something i will be able to control relatively pain free, that's why i was thinking the shorter board would be better.

Does anyone have any suggestions? While I am spending all this money, I want what I buy to be perfect so that I never have to buy another board again! Thanks in advance for the help!
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