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Originally Posted by blunted_nose View Post
Alright, but you can get way better bindings for way less. Also since union is binding company, why would you pay 300 for something another company , that isnt binding oriented, makes better for less?

Wrong, union is shit, they want this thread closed because they don't care about feedback. Hype is all they have and rich cunts that ride them because someone pro is payed to ride them, you really think travis rice wants to run union? Hmmm, wonder why he rode cartels before without a binding sponsor.

I dont care about a company that its sole purpose is to make a binding, which they cant even do properly and that doesn't give a shit about what people say about it. For fucks sake, even k2 bindings are better and they are originally a ski company?

For the price of atlas you can get switchbacks. Id rather have those.....
You're hypocritical as shit.
You proceed to bash Union claiming that they are ridden by 'rich cunts'... yet when you try and provide a "suggestion" for a better option, everything you suggest is even more expensive.
It's also worth mentioning your WTB ad for bindings. As already posted, you were asking for forces... but your price range takes away any credibility you have in this argument. Clearly you're not capable of buying the bindings under discussion... so your hate must just simply be based on envy, or the "I read this on the internet so it must be true" mentality.
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