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At first I thought "15 minutes ...... even if it's interesting ...... can I really get entertained that long?".

Now I know I am going to watch the entire clip again and bookmark it permanently. SA videos have helped me in the past and I have given SA great comments at youtube. It's just that I am using a different account name there and SA might wonder who I am.

I have learned a lot from this promo video too. The idea of using a skate board is also fantastic. My only problem now is that I want to get one, but I don't have a yard or a garage. I live in an apartment and all that hopping is going to get my downstairs neighbor file me a complaint. But I will figure a way out.

I really love how compact the Balance Bar is. It's a small thing that I believe will make me a giant (I know I might be exaggerating) in the resort.

Does it mention anywhere how much the kit is?
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