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Originally Posted by blunted_nose View Post
Prices taken from my local shop. Source.

Union Atlas - 319.99
Union Force - 269.99
Burton Cartel - 269.99

Overpriced bindings, that work, yeah they work, but not worth the money. How are switchback ratchets bad? They release smooth, union ones actually dont. Tried it before, they require force. Maybe that's where they got the name for the Force model. Ugly colorways too.

Hmm, sorry for coming of as a douchebag, i cant stand union. My suggested options my be higher but not by much, and what you gain over union products is returned in value. Anyways, sorry for this sack of shit my posts are. If i offended anyone, my apologies. I respect anyone who rides a plank on snow. Well, i just wanted to voice my opinion. Please, don't listen to me because im obviously retarded. Good night.

Blame your shit shop, not Union. They're jacking up the prices way above MSRP. Way to not use Google either, tard. Simple search shows the actual MSRP.

The Burton prices are inflated as well.
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