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Originally Posted by Toecutter View Post
I'm trying out some new Continental Extreme Winter Contacts and they've proven themselves to be awesome. I highly recommend!
Year before last I ran some firestone winter force tires, those tires kicked ass! I was going up and down streets with 6-7" of snow, I made about $80 one night just pushing people down streets and getting someone home. I was driving once home and the snow was pretty much melted on the highway, but I was in the 3rd lane where it does not drain right and doing about 70 and I hit some standing water... whoa.. not only did it cover my whole windshield I never felt it hydroplane but I went from like 70 to 50 in like 2 seconds.

I hope it will stay kinda mild for the first few weeks in Jan because I will get the tires on they are down on the wear bars now I'm more concerned about stopping now then moving.
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