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Originally Posted by Sincraft View Post
I have to ask, WHY is that guy riding that terrain? It seems almost straight down. I can only imagine that the only way that would be enjoyable would be if there was about 3' of powder to ride through lol. Otherwise, maybe to say "hey I went down that" but ...didja really? One might as well take their board off and slide down with an icepick in one hand...just saying.

This goes back to an earlier post of mine. Riding down nice powder covered blacks, only to have them turn into a mogul field 2 hour laters because, people that have NO right on being on those steeps create those moguls from making very sharp dynamic turns on skis to avoid the speed. Well, then why not ski blues and leave the terrain at least somewhat rideable, or at least make wide turns!

i don't understand?, seems like a perfectly fine mellow little chute line with nice little controlled carves, idk about the run out...but easily doable straight line if you got a good runout. But if it would be me, i'd try to wall ride as high as possible....there doesn't look like there are any bumps or pretty clean blast
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