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Originally Posted by gaines1016 View Post
Hey all,

I have noticed a number of you are from salt lake city or somewhere in utah and was hoping you could fill me in a little on what life is like over there. My google searches have have me flip flopping all over the place with regards to considering this as place I would like to locate myself. Figure you all will give me the straight info.

A little of my background:
I am a 31 year single white male architect that currently resides in iowa. I am not religious and I am basically looking for a place to eat, drink, ride and be merry. I love the idea of having so many resorts within 15 minutes of downtown (just read this but it may not be true). I love that it sounds like miller motorsports park is 30 minutes down the road (i am a motocross/sportbike guy as well). I am looking for a place with some sense of a night life as I am single.

My concerns with living in the area (which may be unwarranted) are the liquor laws. Can I get a drink at a restaurant/are there actually bars like I am used to/can a guy get a case of bud light and sit and drink it while he smokes a cigar and bbq's in his yard? Then all this mormon stuff I keep reading off google searches. Is it really that in your face? I am very much an "if you don't bother me I won't bother you" when it comes to religion and things. Basically in what ways does it affect your life if you are a not religious or another religion?

Thats enough to start some conversation if any of you are willing to take the time to fill me in on what life is like up there. I will obviously make a trip up to check things out for myself and look for possible job opportunities if I decide it is a place I am serious about but I figure I will start gathering info. Thanks again for any insight.
We have people knock on our door from time to time but it's no worse than at home with Jehovah Witnesses.

Not a fan of the bars here(compared to home Minnesota\Wisconsin), yes real bars do EXIST but most restaurants you have to order food in order to get a takes awhile to learn the lay of the land as far as nightlife goes you can't expect to walk out your door and be at a cool neighborhood bar 50 steps later like in most midwest cities.

The one exception is Park City(20 minutes max from downtown salt lake) people party there nightly and have a good time it's like a miniature Colorado in the middle of northern Utah.... seriously it's like being on a different planet in comparison to Salt lake City.

With that said the fact that the mountains\resorts and more importantly backcountry(snowboarding, mountain biking, fly fishing, climbing, hiking, backpacking, 4x4 off roading) are literally 15-30 minutes away makes up for all of it......not to mention Vegas\Colorado\Wyoming\ Montana are only 6-8 hours me the trade up is WAY worth it and you will find places you enjoy to hang out at as far as bars and clubs just will take you awhile to get it dialed in depending on what your into.

All liqure stores are state owned but you can buy BEER almost anywhere(Target, Walmart, wherever) but it's all like 3-4%....all tap beer in bar\restaurants is also 3-4% you can get strong beer in bottles from liqure stores but it's bottle by bottle at anywhere from 1-3$ PER bottle....liquire prices(as in like a bottle of vodka\whiskey) are pretty normal compared to home.......for example I miss goof strong porter and stout beers that are plentiful back home....guess what time to start brewing your own.

To me if you need to live next to large metro area to work there's no better place to live in the country...the office I work at is 15 minutes from the parking lot at Brighton and I can work a 9-5 job and ride every single day\night if I want.

The day we can sell\rent our house in the midwest we are moving here....period....PM me if you have any questions you don't want public.

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