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Originally Posted by Extremo View Post
No the point was I've seen firsthand what reps at both the national and local level sacrifice to become an elected official. Are you retarded or something? Does your IQ fall short of the ability to draw inferences?

Seriously, you're cynical misconceptions of government are likely an indication of being unseemly stuck in a juvenile stage of cognitive development. The good news is, they have some really good programs for your type.
Awww did your feelings get hurt is that why you have to call names? I'm really sorry. I take back everything I are a really cool person b/c you know some politicians. There that should make you feel better.

At least we have Obamacare to help all of the "retarded people" like me

So let me get this right...You think that the government has done a great job of representing the common man? Also that politicians are all honest hard working underpaid servants to society? And that the government NEVER infringes on our constitutional rights? Does that sum it up Extremo...
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