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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Krug, you sound like a typical Tea Party demagogue from the Rabid Right who flies off the handle with a ton of emotionally charged rhetoric and venom but very little logic and fact. You lash out at Extremo with over the top vitriol simply for holding a different political point of view.

Maybe before your next coniption fit, it would be helpful to take a Sarapax and do some research. Congressional pay raises have been automatic unless they vote to deny themselves the automatic pay increase which is linked to the private sector Employment Cost Index. This has been this way since 1989 when REPUBLICAN Ronald Reagan signed into law the Ethics Reform Act.

Since 2009, congress has rejected all pay increases and this SCHEDULED pay increase is a mere 1.2% or $1900 a year for most congressional members. The 2005 increase under REPUBLICAN George W Bush was 3.5 % and they have not had an increase since then I believe.

Your outrage over this is retarded and you have not done your homework to understand how the system actually works yet you are the first to insult others. Like the old saying goes, people in glass houses shouldn't throw rock.

Here, please educate yourself a little more before you point your bony finger of accusation at others!

Congressional pay raise in 2013? - Pay & Benefits -
Are you for fucking real...reread the posts and tell me who is emotionally charged. Better yet, let Extremo fight his own battles. I never once disresepcted him. You should get another's obvious by the amount of time you spend on here, this forum is your life. Also, this coming from should read some of your own walls of words, ranting on and on about someone shooting at you and wasn't it last year you pulled a gun? Your lucky someone hasn't clipped you yet.

Also open up your fucking eyes and read his initial post...who is the one acting like a child. I merely made a statement. Just because your are the holy Snow Wolf of the forum doesn't mean that everything you say and think is the gospel.
My point is people who get raises should work to justify them. A raise is merit, so stick your bony finger up your ass. Along with the timing of the Fiscal Cliff and lack of resolution, help me understand out of principle how they deserve a raise.


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