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Default Blue to Black Transitioning at Jackson Hole

Hi all,
This is my first post after years of lurking! I need some help transitioning, so here's my story...

I have two traditional camber boards; a 167 2008 Flow Solitude (freeride board) and a 159 2008 Flow Infinite (all mountain). I weigh 220 now (was 282 with the solitude) and am 5'11". I only get a few days in a year, and the last time I went snowboarding was in Taos in March 2012 and at Big Sky during February in 2011, both at 280lbs. Haven't yet ridden at my new weight which I am anxious about. Will be going to Jackson this February.

This year I hope to start doing blacks at Jackson (at least by the end of the trip). So a couple of things:
1) What's the easiest black to start out on out there?
2) Having some technique issues with learning forward on steeper runs, and leaning back in powder (i think the 60lbs I lost will help with that hopefully). I know I can adjust my bindings to help, but I think it's a mental thing. I find myself in a c-shape posture (upper body over the front and hips over the back) and it makes my front leg straighten out enough that I don't feel control in my turns. Tricks to overcome?
3) I'm finding that I am not loose in my legs at high speeds so when I try to stop heelside, I chatter and skid out on my butt. How do I loosen up my lower body to absorb the bumps at high speed while keeping control?
4) Only taking one board. Which one for what I want to do?
5) Any other tips anyone can offer to help me out.

Thanks everyone!
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