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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Wow! Just wow.... Yeah, you sound very emotionally balanced. Have you sought treatment by chance? Because from reading your posts, I would say that you suffer from Manic Bipolar Disorder and possibly have some Oppositional Defiance issues as well.....

I am not "fighting exrtemo's battles for him", I am pointing out that you don`t know how the process works and you are bitching about something that has been in place since 1989 and have no clue how the system even works. You need to talk less and read more.

As for your other comments, I snowboard a hell of a lot more than you and I get paid to do it 3 days a week, plus run a backcountry guide service, plus test boards for Neversummer. In the summer, I mountaineer, do white water river guiding, backpack and fly private aircraft. Believe me, I don`t need more hobbies! I post on this form a lot while at my regular job waiting to load and unload cargo and contribute to the forum a lot more than you do.

And exactly how does the thread where I talked about someone with issues much like your own went bat shit crazy have to do with this thread? I did not attack any forum member in that thread and in fact, as far as the incident goes, I stayed totally cool and called the police. Someone like you would do what an ex coworker did and would use the truck to ram the guy. I don`t understand why you brought this up here; it is completely unrelated and illogical.

As for pulling a gun, no, it was 3 years ago and I simply displayed the weapon after a road raging idiot who cant control his emotions; kinda like you in fact, tried to ram my vehicle into the path of an oncoming semi. Oregon State Police said I used the weapon responsibly and with restraint so I will go with what a state trooper says over some stranger on the internet with an obvious anger control problem. Now, go take a Sarapax before you stroke; I worried about your health.
Man, I guess I don't understand you at all. I have never seen anyone so self absorbed and with such an ego to think everything they say is right. You never really seem to have an opinion, but rather like to argue with everyone, especially those that oppose the Democratic party. I would be curious what your beliefs really are, b/c I can't seems they change from day to day and without your ability to constantly cut and paster you arguments would/couldn't be substantiated.

Furthermore, I have never seen anyone as hypocritical as you. You come at people with guns blazing, then cowardly regress back to the stupid comment of medication etc without even considering the idiocracy of your own statements.
Plainly put, you can dish it out but you sure as fuck can't take it. You try to camouflage it behind some, "I'm a loud mouth liberal and people aren't used to that...blah blah blah". Ever wonder why you are always the victim of bad shit...maybe b/c you bring it on yourself...
Now, the original point is this...the president and congress could always vow to now get a raise right??? Seems with the fiscal cliff going on, patting yourself on the back by accepting a raise doesn't exactly cause your average American to think it is a great idea and comes across like a smack in the face.

Here are a couple things for you to consider:
1) Just b/c it is your opinion, doesn't make it right
2) If you dish it out you better be able to take it
3) Using big words makes you sound like you received a word of the month calendar for x-mas and your post begins to read like a bad haiku authored by someone who just got hooked on phonics
4) Don't use 20 words when 2 will do...
5) Shut your mouth and listen and respect the views of others before name calling, and all the other shit you like to partake in b/c "it is the dynamics of this forum" You might learn something...Hitler could of
6) Interesting how we only hear your side to the drama in your life...makes us grown ups wonder how you are always the victim. Maybe some soul searching would be beneficial
7)Ever consider that there are probably a number of people on hear that think you are a tool, only they have better shit to do than internet arguing...which reminds me, so do I.
8) Big fucking deal where you live and what you do...I am thrilled with my life, the family I have and the job...hopefully you are to
9) To be manic depressive, wouldn't I have to display significant highs and my posts, I am fairly certain that I have been a consistent prick throughout my posts...hold on, let me ask myself if they agree
10) Make your New Year's resolution not to be such an opinionated hateful might actually find by not being domineering, you can connect with others.

Hopefully you get hired by Carlisle in AK. You would certainly boost ratings and bring a lot of drama to Ice Road Truckers! I'd watch it.


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