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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
Question for you Nivek...

So I got some quality time in with my genesis bindings yesterday. I noticed that every time I did a prolonged tail press (I really lean into it), my toe caps would loosen up. Now, to be fair, this happens to me a lot with Burton toe caps during demos.

Do you ever experience this issue?

I was wondering what was causing it and I pinpointed it to the ratchets. When you lean into the press, it slightly lifts the ratchet off the ladder teeth. Burton is known for their buttery releasing ratchets... Perhaps they are too buttery?

Anyway, just wanted your thoughts. I'm gonna see if I can tweak some settings to resolve this issue.
i never had any issues with the caps on my Missions last year. Riding Bear as my home mountain that year and nose presses as my go to I pressed a lot. Butters too. I haven't had a Burton ratchet loosen or blow on me since I had '05 Cartels. Sounds like a strange fit issue with your boot I'd say.

Originally Posted by dreampow View Post
Is the react strap really better?
I think its better. Same support and more comfort.
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