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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Do you wish to remain a member of the forum?

Yes, we allow more leeway for people getting hot under the collar and loosing their temper than most forums and we are very lenient when it comes to the politics section. That doesn't mean it's a free for all in here and people are free to be abusive and make personal attacks just for the fuck of it. There was absolutely no call for that and I expect a higher level of maturity and civility. In the future, state your disagreement and your reasons why without the vitriol, venom and personal attack because you disagree with a very personal chice the guy has made for himself.

By the way, even though I have CCW and pack a handgun frequently, I too am far more likely to hand over a wallet if in my judgement that will end the confrontation without violence. Unless there is a clear and present threat to my life or the lives of others, I am not going to risk elevating an incident by needlessly adding a gun to an already tense situation. I am not going to risk human life (innocent bystanders, myself, family or even the perp) over a material possesion that is easily replaced with a few phone calls to the bank and a trip to DMV.

Not only that, I simply would rather not go through years of criminal and civil court battles because I shot the perp. Sure I may be in the right but at what cost? I realy don't think most people understand the ramifications of making that decision to pull the trigger or how drastically it is going to alter the course of their lives, even though they are 100% justified in the eyes of the law. Don't get me wrong here, I am not some pacifist who will never fight. If my life or that of another is clearly in danger, I will kill without hesitation, but I am not going to make that decision lightly or over something as trivial as giving my wallet to a mugger.
Yeah you're right, there was no call to get belligerent with the guy so I apologize. Sorry TorpedoVegas.

I think what pissed me off so bad was torpedo's sarcastic, dismissive tone regarding a person that defended themselves from 3 people who were robbing him. Then he went on to sympathize with the robbers.

What I was trying to say before I lost my temper is that I think that is a poor attitude to have. I've never been robbed at gunpoint before but I imagine that it's a pretty terrible fear to be put through. Not to mention the hassle of having your wallet stolen. I don't carry a gun around and if I thought for a second that someone was gonna shoot me I'd hand my wallet over too. But to fault someone for not doing that, instead shooting the people that are robbing them seems wrong to me, personally.
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