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Default The "goggles under/over the helmet" thread

Don't flame (or flame, if you really want to) but I'm curious as to what you guys do with goggle placement when wearing a helmet, and why.

I see all the kids wearing them under the helmet with a beanie but also a contingent going over the helmet. It's split pretty evenly where I ride in NH.

I've almost always worn mine over the helmet but decided to give the under a try this year and I like it, but find that the goggles tend to slip down my nose and so its almost preventing me from breathing out my nose. (It sounds worse than it is).

I suppose the point of this thread is part curiosity what people think about this somewhat-recent style choice and how the hell you wear under-the-helmet goggles correctly. For instance, I wear a smith maze w/ I/Os. Should the back of the goggle strap be inside your helmet?

I'll be honest, I like the look of under-the-helmet but can't quite see the practicality of it.
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