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Default Am I crazy? 390 Boss

Ok, tested the 390 Boss (2012) a couple days. Am I crazy, or is this binding quite responsive? From everything I've read, I was expecting a softer but still all mountain binding.

For comparison I rode K2 Uprises, Malavitas and Raiden Blackhawks last year, all 2012 except the Uprise (2011).

I was expecting the 390 to slot in between the Vita and Blackhawks, since the Blackhawks were supposed to be a stiffer binding.

But I feel they are stiffer than the Blackhawks. Difference is this year I'm riding a westmark, last year I was on the Coda, so a slightly softer board.

I have tried not to ratchet down the strap but as soon as it's snug I can feel the response. I notice it the most when setting up for a jump (I only do small jumps do to my age ). I had no problems last year getting into an athletic stance, bending my knees. I do this to balance myself and force the board flat. Vita, Uprise and Blackhawk no problem. When I do this on my 390 boss and westmark it goes onto the toe edge. It's weird. I literally cannot bend my knees without the edge engaging.

Is it just something I need to work on? Break the binding in?
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