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Originally Posted by StreetDoc View Post
If you think they aren't trying to outlaw all handguns you're a fool.
First off, if this is your idea of an intelligent argument, you can go fuck yourself. At this point, pretty much everything you say is worthless because you've started out with a personal attack.

Second, even in Canada we don't have the kind of total gun ban that you're gibbering about. Do you seriously expect anyone to believe that the US has any chance whatsoever of ending up with tighter controls than Canada?

Third, and IMO most important, you still haven't dealt with the question that's been asked again and again and again and again -- if guns are so great, and it isn't the gun it's the gunner, and banning guns increases crime, and yadda yadda yadda excuse excuse excuse, then why is it that mass shootings in particular and gun-related violence are higher in the US than anywhere except third-world countries and near-anarchies?

And last, just as a bonus question, why is it that any time you or some other gun advocate posts a "proof" of some kind, the mildest actual investigation determines that it's bullshit? I'm not going to watch the video, not because I don't want to meet your challenge, but because at this point you and your friends are zero for 20 or so, and I just can't be bothered.

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