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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
No, you're a gun nut because you're strident, belligerant, irrational, at the extreme end of the subject under discussion, unwilling to consider alternative opinions, quick to cast aspersions at anyone who dares to disagree, and constantly invoking conspiracy theories to bolster your stance.

And trying to bait an admin into banning you so you could play the victim isn't doing much for you either.

There's a thing called "credibility". You can't threaten or browbeat others into giving it to you. You have to earn it. Or you can squander it, and it's damned hard to get back.
I don't think I've ever stated my belief here, quite the contrary I've posted that both sides are going for broke and there needs to be a middle ground.

My personal opinion is that a gun ban or magazine ban won't work. They need to beef up background checks to include medical records, and get rid of the private sales/gun show loop hole. They also need to stiffen penalties for laws already on the books. I don't see where I'm beligerent or irrational? What conspiracy theory? That Dianne Fienstein wants to ban all guns? She basically does, look it up for yourself.

I'm also not trying to bait anyone into doing anything, I'm not going to cower in fear though either. As a previous career firefighter in Chicago I think I know a thing or two about words like credibility.

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