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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
America is not England. It is a red herring that the NRA nuts use to scare gun owners with. Anytime REASONABLE gun regulation such as instant background checks or closing the "gun show loophole" is proposed, they tout it as the "slippery slope". They are nut jobs as much as the advocates of total gun bans are. Self defense is a legitimate reason for bearing arms and almost every state has written into their state constitutions laws protecting citizens from prosecution when using lethal force.

This case in England would also be problematic here in America based upon excessive force laws. In no state are you allowed to kill an intruder simply because they are in the home or to protect property. You better damn well be able to prove that your life was in danger or you are going to jail. A big problem with most gun owners in this country is that they are totally ignorant of the laws pertaining to the use of deadly force. Plenty of Americans are also serving long prison sentences for killing an intruder but could not prove that their life was in danger. Too many people with a CCW think its a license to kill any criminal and their possession of a gun is actually a major liability. Protecting your property is not a justification of the use of deadly force in the eyes of the American courts either.
Just focusing on the bold. Are you sure about this? Texas let free a man who shot someone in the back who was robbing his neighbors house and was already leaving.
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