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Originally Posted by jdang307 View Post
Very true. Going back, both are inflammatory, but that 2nd post is what kicked it off I would say.

He did criticize congressional pay increases so he was essentially being called a Moron. I'd fly off the handle as well.

Extremo, I understand your point of view, I don't even care about your policies and how they differ from my own. But what you cited as reference is completely different from the national scene. It is not expensive to be in Congress. Actually being in congress pays. Very well.

They don't have to pay for anything when it is business related. That is a fact. They get quite a number of perks. Their connections allow them to profit very handsomely, skirting, but staying within, ethics rules.

I'm not even talking about those who enter rich. I'm talking about those who enter modestly and become a millionaire while employed in Congress.

Congress people are notorious for owning land right next to construction projects they push for, and secure. Here is an example of a few, from both parties.

BEYOND INSIDER TRADING: Here's How Members Of Congress Get Rich Off Earmarks - Business Insider

Don't cry for Congress members. If anyone is not rich it's their fault. They do not need that raise.

Local govt is a completely different animal.
Jesus...this thing is still going? I'll say it again, criticizing congressional pay raises is moronic. Generalizing that each congress person is somehow a money grubbing criminal is also moronic. I personally know Annie Kuster (I'm using her as an example, not because I think I'm fucking cool), she's an adoption lawyer, who entered politics because she believes in an egalitarian society. Her entire career she's worked on the behalf of others, not her own personal gain.

Being a congress person is's not just play. Not sure if anyone's read a bill lately, or sat on committee, but it requires long hours and it requires skill and competence to negotiate our country's legislation, you know the policies that will forever effect our lives? For the time and effort each devotes for only $200K, they could be doing something much more lucrative and luxurious, as she has done in the past. It's a shitty, thankless job. And that doesn't even include the 18 hour campaign days they've just endured for over a year traveling the state from house party to house party, candidate forum to candidate forum or the endless grovelling at fundraisers, or the field organization and networking. $200k is hardly an incentive, we're not talking $1m here.

If the raise correlates with CPI then it's more than fair. I certainly don't want to create a system in which it takes an oil billionaire to cover the expenses of his crony congressman as the only viable means to be an elected official. I'd rather have Annie negotiating prescription med programs for people living in poverty on my dime..

When someone takes an ignorant or uninformed swipe at government I get a little offended. There's enough about it to criticize...a 1% pay increase, the first in 3 years, isn't one of them.
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