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Originally Posted by Datfoooo View Post
Thanks for the response. Yea I am going to do it myself....I'll just bring the tools with me so i can adjust as I go but I think i am going to start off at 12/12....just incase I want to ride switch
For a beginner it can be easier to learn with a more forward stance. Something like +18/-6 or +15/-9, then once you've got some comfort riding forward you can move to +12/-12 to help with switch riding.

Again it's all a personal preference thing, just try it out and make adjustments as needed.

Here's a couple things to remember though:

1) Always properly tighten the screws even when making "test adjustments". I use a cordless drill with the adjustable clutch set to about 10 out of 16 on my Mikita. They should be quite hand tight. Not so tight that you're about to strip the screw heads, but tight enough that they're not going to back out.

2) Don't make more than one adjustment at once (to angle, width, forward lean, etc. etc.). If adjusting angle you can adjust both bindings at once until you're relatively comfortable, then make fine adjustments after that. Ride it for AT LEAST a few runs if not a few days, then play with stance width or vice versa.

3) Don't try to fix poor snowboarding habits with odd binding positions. Unless you have a very different frame than the average person, a stance width from 20-23" is about normal, and binding angles with a difference of 18-24 deg is about right. Forward lean should JUST touch the back of your boot with them strapped in (without you in them), and as a beginner you can start with less forward lean than that. It doesn't hurt to have some forward lean though to teach you to bend your legs. If you hit a plateau with your boarding take a lesson before you start changing your setup thinking it's the board. It's usually you.

4) Having the overhang equal on each side is a pretty important step of a first setup. After mounting the bindings where you think they should go, and moderately tightening the screws, tie up your boots and mount them in the bindings. Strap them in and then lean the board on either edge while pressing the edge down to make contact (on a camber or flat board). The amount of lean angle you get before the toe or heel touches should be roughly equal.

Have fun! I enjoy setting up boards/bindings... You learn a lot!
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