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Originally Posted by onthefence View Post
I have a tune kit including a file, edge tool, and stone. So how can I do this stuff myself?

My edge tool looks like this, but I don't know how to use it.
Never Summer board all come out with 0/0 degree bevels.

Well there are numerous tutorial videos on Youtube if you search but here is the basics.

Step 1 - Use a diamond/deburr stone to remove nicks/burrs from your edge (you should easily be able to find them was sliding your fingers along the edge) - this is kind of important because your file won't work on case-harden steel and you are going to mess up your edge (be sure to regularly rinse the iron filling off your diamond stone in a little cup of water as you go along). Make sure to wipe the edge done with a wet paper towel if you are going to continue to slide your fingers on it (or you will get iron splinters into your fingertips).

Step 2 - run a permanent marker over your edge, that way you can see which parts of the edge you've already sharpened (i.e. the marker will be rubbed away.

Step 3 - first figure out how the file guide works - figure out which position is for the base edge (bottom of the board) and which position is for the side edge. Figure out what the default bevel angle the guide is using. Also figure out which direction the file goes (usually there is a small arrow on the side of the file). If you can't figure any of this out... STOP.

Step 4 - Starting at the nose of the board, lightly slide the file along the edge of the board in small, even 6-8 inches SINGLE-direction passes toward the tail of the board. Many people use way too much force (barely more than the weight of your hand) and too many passes (and/or file in both direction) with the file and remove too much steel.

Step 5 - test the edge with the back fo your finger nail... if the edge remove a shaving of fingernail... it is probably plenty sharp enough for you. If not, repeat step 4 with even lighter pressure and fewer passes.

Don't be one of those idiots who tries to be hardcore and ULTRA sharpens his board edge. That's as stupid as using a file to dull the entire edge for rail riding.

If this sounds confusing... take your board to a SHOP and have them do it FIRST. THEN do a little maintenance on your board after every day of riding (easier working with an edge that is in good condition than one that is banged up and completely dull). I highly recommend doing step 1 for about 2 mins at the end of every day. That is going make your board turn smoother in the snow and hang up less on boxes and rails.

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