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Originally Posted by RockyMTNsteeze View Post
It probably has a cheap extruded base. Extruded bases are slower, especially if it's a cheapo board. I was riding a board with an extruded base and recently switched to a higher quality sintered base. I have way more speed now.

I don't think a 140 would be the right size. 140's are for the 100 poundish people, like 100-115. At 70 pounds, she's very light. Something in the 130s would be more appropriate. However this all depends on the models weight specs too. I was riding a 141 at 115 pounds and was right in the weight category for my old board.
^I tend to agree, but 140 is generally were real snowboards start in size...however she is 10 and will likely be growing. When my daughter was about 10, we got her a stiffy option bella 148 (a massive board for her almost as tall as she was and I made 20mm risers so she could get better edge control) beat her up the first year, 2nd year she could ride it and 3rd year, at about 105# she was throwin it around and literally straight line bombing groomers at baker.
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