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That's your decision to take it or not. right now in the acute stage, There are non anti inflammatory pain killers. Healthcare has this overwhelming obcession with Inflammation. If there is inflammation there's a reason for it, in this case it's because your body is trying to protect the area and figure out what to do with it. You want it to heal, so lets help that process along, not impede it with an anti-inflammatory drug

Make sure your clavicle is lined up with your acromion. Usually there should be a slight dip to where the joint should be. Basically you want to put that joint back in the right place and have the ligaments heal and hold it in place for good. Otherwise you'll be like me and have your clavicle move independently of the acromion. Sucks i learn this now that i'm in school for it :-(. Surgeon missed my AC sprain, PT missed it, GP missed it, everyone did. I dont' get how because there's a flipping bump there. anyways back to helping you

I wouldn't do surgery, my friend had a full rupture of both CC and AC ligaments and it failed so he has a bolt floating around in his body now lol.
It's just an AC rupture by the looks of it. If you really want to know if healing is possible at this point i'd get an MRI to see if there is any of the AC ligament left.

Last words so you're not completely scared, even if you don't get surgery and even if it heals out of place, it's not the end of the world. Baiscally what you do is you have to strengthen all your muscles. It's a huge misconception that you need to strengthen your cuff muscles only for this. Many practitioners across the spectrum will say oh do this this and this and refuse to look at the whole picture. So don't worry if timelines don't work out

For now, Steps
Ice for pain. Ice is probably the best because it flushes out the bad and causes more bloodflow to the area. Eat plenty of omegas 3s so the inflammation is controlled, multivitains, vit c. Just eat HEALTHY.
Position the sling so your scapula is in a nice neutral position and your clavicle is aligned with the acromion.
Shoulder must be relaxed in the sling or you'll make other problems.
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