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Originally Posted by qwezxc12 View Post
Well I was updating this post to show sold anyway.

First off, to NoOtherOptions, Yes they are "2014" - look at the box in the 1st pic. Go ask Burton how they promo stuff...

Q:Just out of curiosity what did you find them too soft for? I mean what type of riding?

I ride a '12 162W Custom X and a '12 164 Barracuda. The 'Cuda gets ridden anytime there is more than a few inches of fresh, the CX the rest of the time. I ride all-mtn, no park, but do like going fast and hitting some natural features on the way down. I don't mind bumps and trees when there some fresh pow underfoot.

Q: Also how much do you weigh?

200lbs, 6'0", size 12 Vans Cirro's, regular stance ~1/2" wider than ref, setback as necessary at 18/-15

Q: What board were they on?

I rode them on the CX for two days over Thanksgiving at Copper Mtn and Arapahoe Basin in CO on hard-ass man made crap and I think it was enough to make up my mind. I'm an east coaster, and unfortunately that's what we get sometimes. I really wanted to like them, but the binders were just a little too free feeling for me. I might have liked them more in pow, but I couldn't justify keeping them when my other ones do just fine. The straps (Reactstraps IIRC?)are total money, though. Super comfy.

Q: Your other bindings that you will be keeping?

I'm back to using a old pair of 2012 EST Cartels - they feel stiffer laterally (in all directions, really) and give me the "locked-in" feeling I like when riding dynamically. If you search by name, you'll see some other hinge Cartel posts I made with comparison pictures.

Good hunting.
I didn't continue to argue with you man. It just seemed odd to be selling future gear at a cost below current rate for the 2013 gear. Hence my confusion. Dope price at any rate.
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