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Originally Posted by TorpedoVegas View Post
Seriouscat has it right... Number one reason women flee like rats from a burning building: Poutanan

ok, I am ashamed to admit this but I have come up with a drinking game.... I ride with another forum member and he was cracking up when I told him of my little game!! I'll leave him out of this for now... Im a light weight with booze so I would never make it thru a thread....

so, the rules! Anytime Poutenen post contains the word....

"camber" -> drink!

any mention of his gf-> chug
mentions h ow his gf rides a traditional cambered board and LIKES IT THAT WAY -> drink three times
posts a picture of his girlfriend -> shotgun a beer
posts of picture of his ironing board -> do a shot with no chaser
compares his T7 to his ironing board -> 2 shots
argues over some semantics that matter to no one but himself? -> drink until you fall over. (the lib tech best camber thread is my #1 example)

also, any mention of "alpine" "boardercross" or "hardboot" is an automatic drink one time.

you know I love you right? <3
if a cat fucked a shark, the babies would be called women. snowklinger

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