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Default Whiteface?

Hey guys,

Couldn't find much information on this forum, but I'm very interested in getting a trip to Whiteface this season. I heard great things in terms of the degree of difficulty in their trails as well as the technical ability required and was wondering how to go about it. I rarely book on my own and usually go through a ski club package. When I checked their website (which needs an overhaul, to be kind) there were a number of ski & stay packages but they all look like they're variable distances from the mountain when I checked them on Google maps.

Questions that I would greatly appreciate if anything can answer them:

1. When is the best time to go? I've heard that it's usually either ridiculous cold and wind-swept there or bare and that there's generally a short window of time where everything is just right. Unless this is false...
2. Do the ski & stay packages on their website offer shuttle-service to the mountain? If not, how does one go about booking a slopeside stay there?
3. I've heard a lot of things regarding Whiteface to be one of the most technically challenging mountains in the East. Is this true? If you were a novice/intermediate skier/boarder would this be a good place to go, or would you not be able to experience the whole mountain?

Thanks in advance for responses!
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