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45-y.o. female boarder here, married, two kids (boys, ages 14 and 11). Husband doesnít ski/board. I buy my own gear. Snowboarding moms are a pretty rare breed where I ride, even more so on internet forums.

I love this forum! I donít contribute a whole lot because Iím lucky if I can get 8-12 days a season just due to life in general (not to mention the lack of snow in Tahoe last season), and I donít have a lot of gear to talk about--Iíve owned two boards (actually three, I just secretly bought a NS Lotus and stashed it away so my husband doesnít know about it yet ), two pairs of boots, one set of bindings, one jacket, two pairs of pants...But I read the posts regularly and have learned a lot, especially the snowboarding tips...and the threads are highly entertaining Hope to learn more about weather/snow/avy conditions for my own general knowledge even if itís unlikely that Iíll ever ride BC.

Iím not a girly-girl--hate shopping/spas/Pinterest, would rather watch football--but not a ďone of the guysĒ kind of gal either.

Crap, this sounds like a personal ad. Iím not looking. Really!

And make your own damn sandwich!
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