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Originally Posted by Smasher View Post
Im 17, and the first surgery did suck ive never felt a pain like that worse than the day after surgery, even with all the morphine and stuff they had me
On. I figured ill play it safe, and my next appointment is on feb. 4th where im scheduled to get my sling off meaning the bone fused back together and i should be strong enough to start physio, i had a trip to Mt. Tremblant in Montreal planned on Feb 14th so it looks like that's gonna get scratched Tomorrow ill hitup my hill and see if they can give me a discount or something on next year's pass, this really blows to have wasted $400 for 4 outings. He said ill be good to go for sports (we told him hockey) in 3 months so somewhere during march is my "scheduled" comeback, but ill stick with my physio and try to get some muscle built up as soon as i can
First off make sure be on top of your physical therapy and do only what you're supposed to do. You should be plenty sore once the sling comes off and it will likely be tough to even lift your arm. Most resorts offer "insurance" for a few extra bucks for instances like these. It sucks, but shit happens. I don't see how the doctor would tell you a year to snowboard, but only 3 months for hockey. I played hockey growing up and got hurt a lot more playing that than I do snowboarding. last thing. DO NOT TRY AND OVERDO IT TO GET BACK SOONER!!! I can't stress that enough. I had shoulder surgery 2 1/2 years ago and wanted to get back into the gym more than anything. I pushed through therapy fast and began back at the gym quicker than I should have. My shoulder was feeling good and I started adding too much weight too fast. Probably 3 months or so in and about 6 months post surgery I blew it out again. Now I'm just waiting for an opportune time to have it done AGAIN. It hurts when I do any type of strenuous activity and is a bitch to deal with. Luckily for me snowboarding and mountain biking don't bother it too much so I can do those while I wait to have it repaired again.
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