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I was on skis for 13 and am now on my 13th year of snowboarding. My daughter is learning to ski so I picked up a set of skis last year so I could ski along with her. I can comfortably say I enjoy both but will reach for the snowboard more often then not. I am more relaxed on a snowboard and like to have more fun standing sideways. When I get on skis I tend to get analytical about my form. When I learned to ski I had lessons for a few years. When learning to snowboard it was all about feel. I think this is why I'm more relaxed on a board. I was never told how to do it except to keep the downhill edge up. I learned by figuring out how my movements translated to the snow rather than techniques to take me from wedging to wedge-christies to carving on skis. For me, snowboarding is more 'doing' and less 'thinking'.

I think the current crop of skis is making things interesting though. The way they've introduced rocker and hybrid rocker profiles. I've got a set of skis with camber in the middle and rocker out at the tip and tail. They're also getting pretty wide now too. I acutally stopped skiing right as shaped skis were gaining popularity. It was a whole new world when I clicked into these.

I also tried riding some pow on my skis. Snowboarding the pow is way better. You float a lot more (especially considering i was on a pow board earlier the same day ). On my board the snow was about mid shin and felt bottomless. On the skis it was kneed deep but I was getting to the compact snow underneath. I also can't ski pow very well so there's probably some technique to learn.

Oh, ski boots still suck. That much hasn't changed.

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