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Well here's how I see it:

1) The question should have been worded "what can we do about our perveiced female retention rate" because I dunno about the OP but I have no trouble holding onto women!

2) My GF is a member here. Whenever she goes to post she always asks me what to write. I tell her to just be herself but she gets all wigged out and serious about it. Then I tell her to just ride her camber board and love it.

3) If you all bought some iron boards from custom alpine/BX/hardbooter board builders with a heavy dose of camber you wouldn't be so worried about how many women were on the forum. You'd be at home admiring your carbon fiber/kevlar ironing board instead!!!

4) Oh yeah I forgot you gotta buy a T7 before the ironing board (How did something named the Avalanche "Fucking Light Project" get called an ironing board anyway?!? Seriously, did the designer of any of your boards put FUCKING in the name? lol) so you can fully appreciate how the ironing board is in every way superior to all of your mortal snowboards.

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Seriouscat has it right... Number one reason women flee like rats from a burning building: Poutanen
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Yeah well... you kids just got rid of a political forum. Now Poutanen has no chance to ever make a mature and concise post.
And I thought we were friends!

Originally Posted by mixie View Post
"camber" -> drink!

any mention of his gf-> chug
mentions h ow his gf rides a traditional cambered board and LIKES IT THAT WAY -> drink three times
posts a picture of his girlfriend -> shotgun a beer
posts of picture of his ironing board -> do a shot with no chaser
compares his T7 to his ironing board -> 2 shots
argues over some semantics that matter to no one but himself? -> drink until you fall over. (the lib tech best camber thread is my #1 example)

also, any mention of "alpine" "boardercross" or "hardboot" is an automatic drink one time.

you know I love you right? <3
By my count, you're all going to be fuckin SMASHED by now! BTW Here's a picture of my girlfriend in the Lizard Bowl at Fernie, and me on my ironing board, also at fernie...

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