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Originally Posted by EatRideSleep View Post
Um, what I happen to find more offensive is reading things here like, "Women lack the upper body strength needed to constantly get up while snowboarding..".

E-e-y-a-a-h-h!! I could see that really pissing off a lot of women! Don't think I've actually come across a post here where I read something like that! But then,.. Neanderthals are everywhere! {later edit} ...Not to mention, guy's saying something like that? Must not be very good boarders if they're falling all the time and having to get up so often,.. eh?

On, a slightly related (...and also quite possibly sexist!) note,.. Wouldn't you think that with women's physiology,.. the accepted wisdom being (most women) have a lower center of gravity than men! (...not carrying a bulk of their muscle mass in their chest & shoulders like men,) Not me mind you,.. I'm a Tubb! I mean real men!! Wouldn't this tend to let women have naturally better balance on the board, progress faster, become "Better" riders??? Just curious!

Originally Posted by EatRideSleep View Post
References to the mythical creatures such as the Gnargoyle, Mountain Troll, and crap I forget the other one! are delightfully hilarious..
You gal's need to come up with something like that for the guy's! Oh right,.. "Immature, douche bag, sexist Assholes!!" I forgot!
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