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Originally Posted by Howlingsonnets View Post
Lemme guess...toeside you can turn but heelside you cant? That was my issue....midway when id pick up speed i would lose control swing my shoulder back...lose form and would go straight into the ground....
Usually it's the other way. Toe side turns scare beginners.

Do it. I learned by my second day without any lessons. First day was only a few runs anyway (Keystone, couldn't breathe for crap) and by the end of my very first day I was comfortably cruising down the hill. To stop I had to force myself to crash, but hey, that's after a few hours. I think I literally learned after 3 of those tiny runs at the top of Keystone.

I wasn't hooked yet. Went again after a dumping in So Cal (happens once, maybe twice a year) a few months later, learned to hit a toe side turn and I've been hooked since.
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