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Default Coaching snowboarding - in over my head

My daughter wants to learn to ride, but is very very tall. Im in my 3rd year riding and at my age, still very novice and really never learned the proper way of doing things.

I think the biggest challenge I will have is trying to relay how to go from heelside to toeside and vice versa. I myself tried the 'twist' method suggested on here and could NEVER get it. I would try to twist my front foot to roll the board over and would of course shift my weight and fall on my face or ass.

Also, my foot feels like its going to come out of the boot and my toes bunch up to keep it from doing I never really learned that what so ever and would never be able to convey that.

not really sure how to show someone how to ride. I guess I will show her how to heelside slide down the hill following by toeside slides. Then slip slides left and right to get a feel for weighting the foot.

It's an almost useless en devour early in as you never have to go back and forth like a falling leaf when you learn to actually ride.

So I'm wondering if it's best to teach her only to heelside slide the proper direction (not switch) then immediately toeside slide the proper direction, following by some link attempts vs - the falling leaf on the heel or the toe?

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