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Back on topic of the 2013 Banana Magic.

I still love the board. We are having a stretch of no new snow now for a couple trips up to the hill and it does amazing well on hard pack and ice. I think I have 13 days on it so far give or take. It might be in my head, but the board feels like it might be softening up and breaking in a little and becoming a little more forgiving with slow speed riding, but then I might be getting more used to the boards stiffness though too. I felt that it forgiving as slow speeds before I think due to it's rocker profile, but it feels slightly more so today if anything.

For what it's worth I still would never call this board "squirelly". I feel that it's stable and confidence inspiring at speeds that make your eyes water inside your goggles. The side cut is aggressive though, so while the board is stable at speeds the side cut likes to really make a hard carve. If you know the difference between a "slalom" side cut and a "GS" side cut, the Magic is definitely on the tight turning "slalom" side of things. This means that if you lean it over to carve it will turn NOW and make extremely tight arcing turns in a carve. At very high speeds this can equate to the board feeling like it turns too quickly in a carve if that's not your style of riding. I used to race slalom way... way, back and enjoy the side cut quite a bit but it might not be your style of riding. I would rather just use less of the side cut in a tun by not committing to a full carve if I choose to rather than not have enough when I want to make tight turn.

As to the board being "chatty" as high speeds. I think what some reviews are refering to is that the nose and tail actually will leave the snow slighly and "thrum" on hard pack (icey) conditions occasionally. I've heard rockered and even cambered ski's do this as well, and certain alpine boards used to do at high speeds when I ran plate bindings when I was running on Mt. Hood's glacier in cold hard pack conditions. I don't feel that it's any thing to be concerned about. The sound is nothing like the high speed nose flapping and shakes I would get from soft freestyle boards at high speed back in the 90's and early 2000's and I don't feel that the "thrumming" that rarely occurs with the Magic is anything to be concerned about. It just means your hauling ass.

Overall I still feel that the Magic is great well rounded board, and I am still super happy with the deck. It's nice to get compliments on it from guys that know what they are doing on the mountain each time I go up. I actually feel fortunate to own it.
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