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Default Newbie needing setup advice (boards, boards and MORE boards!)

Hi everyone!

As the lengthy threat title says, I've been almost drowning in the multitude of options available these days. First, a little about me:

I am female, 5'6" and 140 lbs. I ride skateboards goofy and it seems to have transferred over to snowboarding. I just started out during Christmas week by taking three days of lessons. It was the best thing I could have done. In 3 days, I only properly faceplanted... twice. Impressive record, no? But seriously, I am working on improving my turn linking and I have a dumb tendency to catch edges, which I would like to lose.

I've been doing some research, as I would like to get my own gear as soon as possible. But that won't be until around spring this year, I am on a tiny student budget and thus waiting for the sales is a requirement for me.

Some boards I've been looking at (and drooling over):

GNU B-Nice 148
Ride Compact 147 or 150 - this one has no weight specs on their site and when I checked evo... the weight limits on it seem to be extremely low.
K2 Sky Lite 148 - not sure I want a completely flat base
Burton Social 147 - not quite as good reviews as the others. I dunno...

A local shop still has a K2 Lunatique on sale. Not sure of the size though. Worth jumping on?

I've seen the GNU B-Street recommended on here. It looks good, but I think it's almost out of my price range. If it's really amazing and totally worth it, I might pony up. I've also looked into Never Summer, but they are a tad on the pricey side and might be a bit stiff for a nooblord like me. Or should I just look for a pure cambered board? Suggestions?

Basically, I would like a twin (or near twin) board, as I looove riding switch and would like to learn spins and butters soon. For the moment I enjoy just going down the slope at a comfortable pace (no, I won't race you), but I think I would like to try some park at some point (jumps mainly, they look like tons of fun). I'd like a board that will work for me as a beginner but that I can stay with for a while - again, due to budget concerns.

I know about extruded vs. sintered (will the difference really affect me?), and about the different board profiles. I read my brains out on the internet

Bindings - I am completely lost here. What are some good binding companies/models? I looked at stuff like Burton Stilettos, GNU B-True and Union Flite and they all seem like they would work equally well for me. Those and more! What am I missing?

Boots - I know, I know: the most important piece of gear I plan to go to the local stores and try a bunch on until I find something I like. My guess is they will be on the softer side.

That's it! Sorry for boring you with such a long post!

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