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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Just don't do it.....

The back foot rudder habit usually develops as a rider enters their intermediate stage. They have been so focused on getting forward with the weight that they often forget to ride centered. Sure, getting forward is great for turn initiation but not so good for turn completion as the tail tends to wash out. The rider feels this and automatically pushes the tail around. A couple of things to try that may help you out here:

Since heelside is what you said gives you the biggest problem, squat into it more than you are probably doing. This will give you much better edge control without shifting your center of mass way to the inside of the turn.

Go ahead and do a foot to foot weight shift toward the nose, but try to remember to shift back to a centered stance as you reach the apex of the turn. As you go into the bottom of the turn, actually move slightly toward the tail of the board to increase edge pressure under the rear foot. If you are just a tad heavier on the rear foot, the tail is less likely to skid so so much and it becomes more difficult for you to rudder it.

Play around with this a bit and let us know how it felt to you.....
Interesting, I've been struggling with that as well. I only recently realized that your back foot is not actually supposed to be a rudder and your post describes my habits. Especially after focusing intently on "stay forward on the board". Frustrating not being able to maintain any momentum on moderately steep runs due to the "rudder" skidding out...I'll give this a try. Though toe-side is more of an issue for me, the same principles should apply.
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